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About Bulimia and Eating Disorders

Bulimia and Eating Disorders are difficult to deal with and are often hidden from others. This website is to help you with some tips on how to deal with and get well from your eating disorder.

We also include resources to help you understand the "whys", and where and how to seek help to recover from your eating disorder.

This website is provided by a private non-profit foundation, which was founded by a survivor of many years of dealing with bulimia.

Some of the resources and tools are to help you deal with and learn about Eating Disorders including:

Bulimia and eating disorders are often caused from childhood abuse.

Overcoming an eating disorder firat takes your understanding that you will need to be making a choice to reclaim your life that is not centered around food and eating.

The journey of leaving your eating disorder in the past and forming or reclaiming healthy eating habits will most likely be gradual changes to form your new habits or reclaimed healthy eating habits.

For most people having a support group is a huge help. And usually this will include few if any family members. There are probably support groups in your area such as Overeaters Anonymous and Eating Disorders Anonymous that can be an excellent resource to provide information, support, ideas, comfort and encouragement from your peers.

Another excellent help can be books that deal with eating disorders.

For recovery from Bulimia we have a list of books about child molestation that can be very helpful in recovery from bulimia and eating disorders for those who have been molested. As many as 85% of bulimics are struggling with Bulimia that was caused by having been molested as a child. This was a huge personal surprise for me in dealing with my Bulimia as I had no idea that my Bulimia was in any way connected with my father and brother having molested me hundreds of times.

NOTE/Disclaimer: Inclusion in our list of organizations, books, counselors, and other links and resources does not necessarily indicate a recommendation or endorsement. What is helpful for another survivor may not be right for you. As always, use your own judgment when contacting any of these organizations. Advice given at this website, or in conjunction with Joshua Childrens Foundation activities is not to be taken as a counseling or clinical relationship but only as suggestion based on the founders personal experience as a sex abuse victim resulting in bulimia eating disorder and the healing journey from that. Articles, links, or content contained on this website should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner, nor should it be inferred as such. Always check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about a specific condition. Joshua Childrens Foundation does not take any responsibility and is held harmless from any actions by anyone associated with the websites we link to.